M-Stat Enterprise Mobility:
Clinical Workflow in the Palm of Your Hand.

Leverage your current IT systems without change.

Bring your clinical information together into one holistic view.

Gain mobility and clinical workflow in a single step.

Central In-Box

M-Stat manages all clinical events, collaboration messages and system alerts in one place. All events from multiple systems drop into a single central in-box for easy access.

Real-Time Notifications

Users are notified automatically of the arrival of new events in their in-box. A notification message is sent to the mobile device in real-time.

Single Sign On

Login once to the M-Stat environment, at the start of a work shift. Stay connected for the entire duration of the shift. Logout once at the end of the shift. Easy.

Secure Environment

M-Stat provides a secure application environment for all activities carried out on the mobile device. Transmission of information is protected by SSL/TLS and OAuth2 based security tokens. No clinical information is stored on the device.

M-Stat Patients
A light weight electronic health record.
Single View Patient Summary

The key demographic information, patient location, encounters and clinical events are available for each patient. Patient details are automatically updated by the feeding systems.

Clinical Practitioners And Teams

Simply register clinical practitioner users and clinical care teams. Practitioner-to-patient relationships are obtained from the feeding systems or declared in M-Stat.

Real-Time Patient Lists

Who are 'My Patients'? Patient lists are tailored to your needs and are updated in real-time.

Scan Patients And Locations

Scan a patient wrist band using your mobile device to get the patient record. Scan a location to obtain a list of patients at that location.

M-Stat Clinical Results
Obtain clinical test results for Pathology, Radiology and Cardiology from multiple provider systems directly on your mobile device.
Real-Time Result Notification

Receive an automatic notification on your mobile device when a clinical test result arrives in your in-box. Sign posts, tones and vibrations can be used to alert the user.

Rich Result Information

Receive simple test result values, or text based reports. Multiple versions are managed automatically, regardless of source. Summary report images are supported for Radiology and Cardiology.

Standardised Result Classification

M-Stat automatically applies a standard classification to the clinical test results, but leaves the values from the provider unaltered. Easy standard traffic lights for abnormal results (significant , serious , critical ).

Closed Loop Result Management

Easy collaborative workflow for all recipients of the clinical test result. Simply 'action' the test result in M-Stat () to signify to your colleagues that you are performing patient follow-up.

M-Stat Secure Collaboration
A secure multi-media messaging solution for safe practitioner-to-practitioner collaboration.
Familiar User Interface

Uses the in-box and out-box mechanism like a traditional email application. Send, reply, forward to individual colleagues or whole care teams. Use voice messages to minimise typing.

Automatic Patient Context

Minimise effort and risk. No transcription of patient information is required. The patient record is automatically added to the message.

Multi-media Attachments

Patient clinical test results for Pathology, Radiology, and Cardiology can be added without searching. Attach text, photographic images, voice messages or full motion video.

Secure Messaging

Protect sensitive patient information. No confusion over messages exchanged between colleagues. All messages have guaranteed delivery.

About CogentiX
Our Approach

CogentiX continues its leading edge innovation, drawing on over 25 years of experience in the ICT industry. The result is a truly unique approach to our business.

Our Solutions

CogentiX specialises in front-line clinical mobility applications. These are not a loosely coupled collection of separate mobility applications. Rather they are underpinned by a single unified clinical mobility software platform.

Our Value

Unlike our large multinational competitors, CogentiX is a local Australian company. In fact, we are proudly 100% Australian started, owned, managed and operated.