Product Brochures

M-Stat Patients

The Patient module provides the practitioner with the foundation for locations, care teams and patient lists.

M-Stat Clinical Results

There are three M-Stat Clinical Results modules for delivering clinical test results for Pathology, Radiology and Cardiology to your mobile device.

M-Stat Collaboration

The M-Stat Collaboration module provides secure practitioner- to- practitioner (P2P) messaging.

Convergent Mobility Platform (CMP)

The CMP brings together a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare business and its systems.
White Papers

A New Approach To Healthcare Systems

CogentiX offers its customers an incremental improvement path, through leveraging current systems.

The Benefits of Mobile Clinical Results

By applying direct notification of clinical results, the quality of patient care can be significantly improved.

The Case for Secure Clinical Messaging

The consensus in the industry is that dedicated secure messaging is the only real solution to inter-practitioner communication.

M-Stat Feature Overview

Provides an overview of the features embodied in the M-Stat mobility application suite.