About Us
Company Profile
CogentiX is a leading independent software and services company, specialising in mobility software solutions. Each member of the CogentiX core team has over 25 years experience in the successful analysis, architecture, design, development and implementation of complex software solutions. CogentiX leads the marketplace in what it does because of its unique approach which is both true to market best practice and also revolutionary.

CogentiX provides the next generation of intelligent clinical informatics software solutions for high performance healthcare. Our solutions supply medical practitioners with real time patient information on their mobile phones and other devices, which empowers them to optimise decision support and patient care. The CogentiX solutions leverage a single common mobility platform which integrates with clinical back end systems to provide a single window of access into patient information through a single workflow system in the palm of their hands.

CogentiX has an additional focus on the delivery of high quality enterprise-wide integration architectures. CogentiX personnel have a solid track record of producing software integration solutions in complex enterprise environments. Complex software technologies alone do not necessarily secure successful business outcomes. Therefore CogentiX has developed an architecture capability and a methodology which relies on a thorough understanding of the business context and requirements.
Our Approach
CogentiX continues its leading edge innovation, drawing on over 25 years of experience in the ICT industry. The result is a truly unique approach to our business. This can be illustrated from two separate perspectives:
  • Many large organisations possess a collection of different ICT business systems. For a variety of reasons, over time, these systems become information siloes. To support ever changing business needs, the systems need to be used in concert as a system-of-systems. Traditionally, software vendors have offered a single monolithic business software solution to replace all of the existing systems. This is a huge and risky undertaking. The CogentiX approach, by contrast, leverages state-of-the-art mobility technologies to provide single mobility application platform. The CogentiX mobility platform enables single window access to information, regardless of the underlying source business systems. Each mobility application is plugged onto the common mobility platform. This enables users to have single point of action for workflow in the palm of their hands. All of the undue pressure to replace legacy systems is removed. Old legacy applications can be unplugged from the common platform and decommissioned. New business systems can be plugged on. New mobility applications can be plugged on as required.
  • Modern sophisticated software systems are complex to analyse, design, construct, test and implement. Traditionally software vendors have engaged large project teams to produce such systems. The problem is that it is difficult to scale up resources to produce software efficiently, and since the process relies on human beings to perform all of the steps in the manufacturing process, it is difficult to produce good quality software. The CogentiX approach, by contrast, uses state-of-the-art modelling tools and technologies (e.g. ArchiMate, UML, BPMN) to model the systems. The models created by CogentiX are not simple picture diagrams, but are information rich software engineering schematics. The models are fed directly into Model Driven Architecture (MDA) tools. These MDA tools are sophisticated software robots that read the models and use them to automatically generate large parts of the solution. It therefore eliminates the need for large development teams. This approach enables extremely high levels of scalability for the software manufacturing process, and at the same time maintains the highest levels of software quality.
Our Value
Unlike our large multinational competitors, CogentiX is a local Australian company. In fact, we are proudly 100% Australian started, owned, managed and operated. Our headquarters is in Australia. We pay Australian taxes and our earnings are distributed into the local economy, and not offshore.

We are experts in our craft. However we are not pure technologists. We have very extensive experience in many business sectors, with specialist knowledge in the healthcare industry. As a result of our broad and deep business experience, CogentiX personnel are very business focused and practical. We understand Australian businesses and business practices, and are not reliant on knowledge of foreign jurisdictions.

CogentiX is far more nimble than our large multinational competitors. We are able to make key decisions rapidly and turn these immediately into action. This, coupled with our overall approach, allows us to respond to customer requests without delay. We do not force our clients to fit in to us. Rather, we fit in with the needs of our clients. Consequently, this allows CogentiX to establish an ongoing harmonious, efficient and responsive relationship with our clients.

We also practice what we preach. CogentiX is able to deliver rapid solutions by leveraging other Australian companies and expertise. CogentiX brings together state-of-the-art, model driven software generation technology from Cognisys Pty Ltd, and expert mobility solution implementation capabilities from Scorpion Technology Solutions Pty Ltd, to forge a market leading edge in the development of mobile software applications.